Insightful: Pre-vet your customers in the UK and in the EU before you offer credit terms

Flexible: Insure specific customers when you need to, for as long as you want

Responsive: Get paid within 30 days of filing a claim

Simple: Connect your accounting system to get one-click cover of your customers

All-included: Debt collection is included so you don't need a separate debt collection agency

The power of our flexible credit insurance

Why Euler Hermes?

How it works

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Additional required turnover

How much additional turnover do you need to cover a loss?

We’re the global leader in trade credit insurance, with a proprietary risk database of 80+ million companies worldwide.

Best in the business

About Euler Hermes

Affordable pricing

You are in full control and only pay for what you need and when you need it. Pricing is tailored to you so you’re always charged a fair price.

Confident trading

Whether it’s offering credit for the first time or targeting new customers, markets or exports, our cover gives you the confidence that you‘ll be paid whatever your growth plans.

We take care

We pay you within 30 days of you receiving your claim. 

There’s no onerous paperwork to do, everything is done online.

of the rest

You choose your

clients to cover

Discover how risky customers are, choose the clients you want to cover, sign and pay online.

It is as simple as that!

Connect your accounting in one click, unlocking a discount and other advantages. 

You’ll be guided through a pre-assessment of your important customers and any actions to take.

Connect your

accounting system

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Protect against bad debts by understanding customer solvency and insuring your receivables.

Express Cover

Trade and always get paid

Our cover in action

Here are some of the ways we support trading with confidence.

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You secure a new customer but are unsure how risky it would be to offer credit terms.

With Euler Hermes you search for the company online to understand their risk of default. For extra certainty, simply add this new customer to your policy.
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You receive a large order from a customer but are nervous about the impact if they fail to pay.

A large write-off can really hurt your business. We remove that risk, giving you peace of mind that you’ll be paid either way.
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You want to monitor the creditworthiness of your most important customers.

With access to our leading creditworthiness database, you’re able to track your customers’ risk of default and make informed credit control decisions.
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You want to expand your business into new sectors, countries or simply new customers.

We’re the leading global credit insurer with 55,000+ customers worldwide and branches in more than 50 countries. We have deep sector and international knowledge and are ready to support your business, whatever your plans for growth.
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You want to protect your cash flow by preventing large write-offs.

Prevention is always better than a cure. By using our pre-vetting tools you’ll know when the risk is high enough not to offer credit terms.
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You want to minimise the time you spend chasing bad debt.

Many businesses spend a lot of time and effort working with debt collection agencies when bad debts arise. With hassle free online claims reporting you’re left with more time to run and grow your business.
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You want access to attractive funding options.

The customer intelligence and protection offered by credit insurance can improve banking relationships and your access to finance.

How much does it cost?

Tell us the total turnover you would like to cover for an indication of what your monthly premium would be:




*As we calculate the price for each individual customer based on its payment risk, prices may vary per customer. Use the free quote option to know the price for you customer.

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